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Ok, Ok, I might have gotten a little bit ahead of myself. Due to some political conflicts, the name of my radio show has changed and I am now solo! But you know what this means?! That means my show is gonna make EVEN LESS SENSE!!! =/

No but seriously. This radio show is gonna consist of all my favorite music of any genre, and in the future, will include interviews, guest hosts, guest DJs, exclusive releases, exclusive productions by me, and forced zany antics. AND BEST OF ALL, IT WILL BE TRAVELING THROUGH THE AIR ON THE BEAUTIFUL (cold, cloudy, windy, miserable) CALIFORNIA COAST!

Click through to listen to this episode, check out the track list, and read track commentary! —->

Here’s the tracklist for this episode, and the Mixcloud link is below:

Frikstailers - Guacha (Thornato Remix) [Too funky for its own good]

Sharps - Yuck Beats (feat. Mat The Alien) [Sickest swing on the beat]

Stas - Sandy (Hataah’s Mij√°zhugy Cumbia Bass Mix) [My two favorite producers right now. Untouchable.]

Jus Now - Jouvay [HEAVY ASS BEAT]

The LatinBeatZ FT Dutch Primez - Caliente (Original Mix) [World Class production, especially on the percussion. A+++]

Lao - Tribal Ha [3ball with Trap hats? …..TIGHT!!!!]

Stereothieves - Fire (Original Mix) [Moombahon transition track. Moombahton drop hits 100x harder than Electro House drop]

Skrillex - Bangarang (feat. Sirah) [eatin fun dip not givin a fuuuuuu]

Popeska - We Can Dance [Had to Google around to find out how to pronounce his name]

La MiniTK Del Miedo - Exorcismo [M83 + cumbia. Game-changing.]

Cabo Blanco - Real Love [Atmospheric but also makes you twitch hella hard]

Apashe & SNAILS - Bubble Gun [Robot voice and the sickest build ups ever]

Alborosie - Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix) [I will play anything by Uproot Andy ever. Also, if you noticed, I didn’t say where Alborosie was from because I didn’t know whether I was supposed to say Italy or Jamaica.]


Zombie - Fallout [Ya’ll haters]

Current 93 - Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still (DJ Broken Record Remix) [Ya’ll haters again] [Download on Soundcloud boyeeee]

Alfredo Gutierrez - Diario de un Borracho [Most depressing song ever written. “With this amount of suffering, anybody would die.” “If the ocean were to turn to booze, I would drown in it in order to die drunk.”]

Rome - We Who Fell In Love With The Sea (DJ Broken Record Remix) [Epic sign-off FTW. Free download on Soundcloud btw nbd]

That’s it for this episode! Tune in next time, Friday, April 5th, on at 11PM Pacific Time, or, if you’re on the Sonoma County coast, tune in to 88.1 FM! POW! Thanks everyone!

The Broken Record Radio Show 03-28-13 by Dj Broken Record on Mixcloud

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